Girls will either love you or hate you for this one,lol!

I have to laugh at this one.From love buzz:Were sorry,Did you say semen can improve your mood?(By lifetime,posted August 31,2012)”Semen is known to contain such mood altering chemicals as estrone and oxytoxin”says researchers.With all the chemical anti-depressants out there trying to force us into better moods.It seems nature has a powerful one for us all along.Semen;a new study indicates,shows that man’s fluid can have a positive effect on a woman’s mental health.Albany, has been doing some very curious research,as the university’s latest study points to the amazing healing powers of human seminal fluid Aka “Semen”.Semen is known to contain such mood altering chemicals as estrone and oxytoxin,which elevate mood;Cortisol which promotes affection;Serotonin,which acts as an anti-depressant,and melatonin,which induces sleep,says researchers……………………….Read the Rest of lifeline;Study says semen helps women keep the blues away.Have a great day,i have known this for years,it also helps sore throats!lol


Was it just a dream i met you?Was it just a dream that you were mine.Love,it was just a dream i thought.Did i just imagine making love to you.I know it was just a dream that you loved me.It was just a dream,i wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.Was it just a dream that turned into a nightmare.Must have been a dream.Because you weren’t with me in the dream,and when i awoke,you weren’t there!Maybe you had other dreams and so did I.It was forever a dream that i was with you.I never wanted to wake up and then i did!When i think back it was just a crazy dream!It was a crazy dream that i ever cared!

Thought for the day! Sept,20,2012

Sometimes you find you have to take a deep breath to survive,lol!Too many sometimes we give people space where they don’t belong.What i mean by that ,we allow them to have the space to begin with.When patience runs out,sometimes things have to be said. I don’t know about the general audience here,i have always strived to be cordial.Even i have my limits though.I do not run my life by unannounced solicters,ex-motherinlaws or anybody else,lol.Some think that if they ring your doorbell,you are slave to them.Call me anti-social.Their is nothing ruder than somebody showing up in the middle of dinner.Its not only rude ,it’s embarrasing.I thought maybe i was just old fashioned.Then i realized,some people were just raised with no manners!If you want people to treat you with respect,you treat people with respect.Unfortunately some have to be told.The same goe for our other haves.all to many times, I see a girl going through a guys phone( that really just began dating).You would never see a guy try that.When i did see one try it,the girl got defensive! .Im sure it works both ways!I actually think its abusive.Control is control,and some of us like it.Their comes a time when it hurts relationships, doubting trust hurts his or hers esteem.We are allowed to be in each others lives that is what gives us the right to know and check out,beware of what are other halves are doing .Just don’t abuse the right if it is not warranted.Have a great day!.I love and adore you all.

Thought for today!Sept,18,2012

Friends and relationships:Lets all face it,we love hanging out with our friends.Friends can make or break a relationship.Sometimes friends are jealous of what you have.They even though will tell you it’s not that way.Some just don’t care to see you happy.It’s up to you as a individual to figure it out.Sometimes friends don’t know the boundaries they cross until be we become upset and let them know that.You have to remember somethings are suppose to be intimate between you and your other half.When friends invade that space between you and your partner,they invade that intimacy.The male should keep his friends in check and so should the female.We all value out friends opinion’s.Sometimes they cross the line.As friends we can voice our opinion,that does not give us the right  to impose it.We also don’t have to listen to it if we tried to steer our friends the right way and they didn’t listen,lol.The end result is,control your relationships.Only you can decide what is right for you.Are true friends will stand by us no matter what,because they only want to see us happy.I do want to say this,to all the dog guys that appear to be your friend and move in on your territory.We are men,and that’s what men do!Some of us are gentlemen though!We have more class in our little finger then you have in your whole body.We don’t have to lower our standards to compete with you.We also don’t have to resort to those tatics.For the girls that fell for it,make sure he satisfies all your needs.You may not be able to come back! Hope everybody has a great day,I love and adore you all!

Thought for the day,Sept15,2012

Optimism;I look forward to a beautiful day.If you fell out of love with somebody.Fall in love with yourself and enjoy life.It’s funny how you can walk away from a relationship and not be bitter.Remember you learn from every relationship,good or bad!Relationships can make you love again,so they are not all bad!I never regret what i have done!If we gave it are all and know that we did the best we could,is enough reward by itself.When we sift through all the bullshit,and still can love somebody,satisfaction is already there.Have a Great Day!