Thought for today!October 29,2012

            Be true to your self.In doing so,listen to your gut feeling.Times in the past, i would ignore my gut feeling.Now ,i say “Thank God” i have it.Any time i ignored it,it would come back to haunt me.Sometimes things appear to be that way.When they really aren’t and then again they are worse than you ever imagined ,lol.Even though you may be hurt by what someone else said,or the way they acted,remember,its only their opinion.Their is probably four other people that don’t think that way.The only way that somebody gets over that is knowing they did the best they could and somebody didn’t have the same intentions as you did.At least you can say you went by what your gut was telling you and you weren’t made a fool of.Pray for the soul that falls victim to that someone that hurt you!Reassure your self,that you can do better and don’t look back!Thank you,I love and adore you all

News flash for Kenosha,Wisconsin

They have police squads waiting at every intersection from hwy A to Hwy 11 in racine,wisconsin.Someting  has happened at Farm N Fleet in sturdevant.Cops have the entire parking lot blocked off.Nobody is able to enter or leave.Their is a news helicopter surrounding the location.I still haven’t seen anything on the news yet.I will keep everybody informed as the news developes!Thank you,I love and adore you all.