Leave your past behind!

Past relationships should be left where they are,in the past!People who keep reliving past relationships may fall into a trap of not being able to move on.This presents dangers to new relationships.Past relationships give us fond memories.We remember how happy we once were.Its not an excuse why you can’t,create new relationships with a new mate.The past is something you cannot change.Take a good look at things from the past relationship and use that to strengthen a new relationship.We should not compare a relationship to a relationship.You must move on!Keep in mind the lesson you learned,be wiser,don’t make the same mistakes.Tell yourself its over!

Hoping or praying that something can be rebuilt is painless.You will never be able to move on if you harp on the past.Pack all the pictures,cards and memories into a box and mark it as such.label it!Put a period to the end of the relationship.Get yourself into your hobbies or your friends and it will help you forget.Remember time heals all wounds!

!61475_492550870777776_1562220006_nI love and adore you all!

Should you check your partner’s cell phone!

Smart phones have become an extension of ourselves to the point that it has become a land mine in relationships.Especially when it comes to checking a partner’s phone.Is it ok to check your partner’s text messages and previously called numbers?.The answer is no!Not even right in front of them.This sort of sleuthing is not about looking  whom your mate text-ed or called last time,but a clear sign of distrust toward your romantic partner.

Text messages can be misrepresented  and reading these messages without knowing its context could actually lead t0 more problems.If you do find something worth being jealous about,it would start an argument,but if you do find nothing about your mate.You should feel bad for not trusting your partner in the first place.If your mate is trying to avoid you as he or she calls or types messages,just assume that he or she wants you to respect your partners privacy.There are other ways to check your suspicion whether your partner is cheating.Thank you,I love and adore you all.


Nice guys finish last!


It has been a common statement in the dating scene that nice guys finish last.It seems absurd,to some guys why women would prefer the opposite.It seems unfair that women tend to go for men who seem to not give them a care in the world.Nice guys may find it hard to believe.Once their in the dating scene,they find out exactly what  that means.The truth is hard to accept.Here’s the lesson that make men understand women more.Showing  a woman that they would do anything and everything for them to get their heart,the nice guys that finish last is just not any nice guy.

Nice guys although it sounds romantic,who do these things are just being considered a friend rather than a lover or boyfriend.For the guys to show the girl that he is willing to do anything or go to any lengths to prove that to a girl.Most guys become the girls best friend.Nice guys are perceived as loving and predictable.Women expect guys to be nice and to give anything,that isn’t new to a women.Girls want a guy who is somewhat a mystery that allows them to want to know more about such men. and want to know more about the person.Enter the so called bad guy or bad boy.

When a women meets a guy with a so called bad attitude.They see something exuding confidence and strength.This appear’s to be a mystery to a woman.They want to know more about them and hence be more attracted to  such men.When guys show that they don’t care that much about a girl,that fuels the challenge for girls to get even closer.Being a bad boy or a bad guy to a girl shows confidence to a girl.Nice guys who wish is to let the girls know that they would do anything for them.Girls need  not do anything to win nice guys.It also tells the girls that guys may be insecure and not value themselves that high.This can be a turnoff to women.In other words guys with a bad attitude have a certain self respect for them selves.Thats not to say women should be treated badly.Just don’t be willing to give them the world.

Thank you,I love and adore you all.

Womens idea of the “perfect man” changes as they get older

A recent report suggests a women’s priorities for a mate simply change as she ages.According to the report,what constitutes the perfect man for a woman is going to be a lot different when shes 22 than when shes 32,42,52,62.However the report makes it clear women continue to maintain high standards through out their lives,even as their values shift.Ultimately finding that senior woman,are actually pickier about who they date than the younger ones.Women ages 18 to 24 are most interested in a man who shares their cultural tastes,who their friends will like,and who is in great physical shape.

Once women enter the 25 to 34 age bracket.Ambition becomes a lot more important as does sexual compatibility.Interesting enough sexual compatibility is most important for women in this age bracket,even though women ages 18 to 24 value physical fitness and aesthetic attractiveness more.Women ages 35 to 44 are more likely to date a much older man,while women ages 45 to 54 are most likely to date a much younger man.Finally women 55 and older are more interested in intelligence and a shared sense of humor more than anything. else. 250495_209210109211758_354737901_n