Its Over!

As a tear runs from my eye

I kiss you a last goodbye

All the joy i had,has left me sad and all turned to sorrow

Don’t know whats in store for tomorrow

Wonder if i will feel this way ever again

for i lost my best friend

She was the light in my eye who has now flickered out

all the love i had was cast into doubt

wonder if she ever loved me

Guess i will never know

here i stand alone,empty and cold

what appeared to be so great

was just overrated

i held you up so high

you let me down so low

Now,there’s nothing left

so let me go




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Entertainment schedule! January 25,2012

Papa Roach and Stone sour:The Rave,Milwaukee,Wi .Doors open at 7:00 pm January 26,2012.



Down pour:Bratstop,,Kenosha, wi.January 26,2012 9 pm.



Blood Skulls,Motor alley.Kenosha, wi.January26 ,2012.


David”Elvis”Kirby,Pasquali’s bar.Kenosha,Wi.2901 60 th st.January 25,2012.


89 mojo,Coins sports bar.Kenosha,wi.January 26 ,2012.Kevin Ingram Lukemia benefit.

Breaking up is hard to do(Staying friends with an ex)

I was recently asked about situations on staying friends with an ex.Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t.The only way it works and i don’t agree sometimes on some of these issues.I will convey them the best   way i know how.

The relationship end;

You have to put an end to an intimate relationship.It is proper to meet with that person directly.Text messages and even phone calls are cold and unfeeling.If you are in no means going to continue a relationship,it is probably the best cure.Both parties can sometimes get off their chests,what they felt,,their attractions,what would settle the end and what wouldn’t settle the end.The confrontation between the two of you is closure.Be comforting and  supportive,express your likes,dislikes.Remember to forgive and remember what that person taught you or the way they helped you out. Share your goodbyes,but do it in person.

Make sure you maintain abstinence.

In order to break away emotionally.It is probably not a good idea to see that person..There is always a period of mourning.Yes it has to be that way.It is  the only way we can grow from it.Sometimes we make contact to soon after those hard feelings haven’t healed yet.We all need time to work through those feelings distraction free.



Part 1

(Breaking up is hard to do).

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