My Vampire love.

If you loved me would you  still stcick a stake in my heart.

as the blood dripped from it,would you savor every drop.

Would you stick your fangs in me one more time.

Yes love can be psycho.Would you let me fuck your opsycho sex again.

Would you growl and scream

As i thrust myself inside of you.

would you absorb my berath,like it was your last.

Would you lick the blood from the stake.And aftter they stone me and run a stake through my heart,throw holy water at me.

would you still ove me for a million years.





The edge@2011_239577339508368_1190736171_n


Keep dreaming tramp!

Sorry,but i have to spew on this one.Any girls who date man and dates another  to borrow money from is a tramp.You  telling people i want  you back is like asking for a straight jacket.What guy would want a girl he has to  chase all over just too find out who you are fucking.Maybe you still think you are all that.What would   i want a hot mess  like you so you could ruin  my life.Or its you saying you fucked up a good thing.Theres an old saying” you don’t know what you got till its gone”.You allways thought you were, the shit stuck up bitch who dont have nothin to ,and she knows what she is got going for her.yYou are mean but i think you are the ugliest person i have met.You ‘haven’t  nged ,you are just shit  from the beggingYou thinks its ok to  take advantage of people.or ask foriveness from the lord.Trying  saying sorry for once to the person.You aren’t better than anyo selfne.The way you act Self centetered fake bmakes you the ugliest person i met beauty queen.So keep thinking you a fashion model.thinks shes  bit  centered.She  thinks shes a pscyhologist,when she needs the shrink. Wait till i write the whole book ,its not over to the fat lady sings.




The edge@

Toall the guys who kicked their girls to the curb!
















Life isn’t so bad.No more you can’t smoke  cigars.No more telling you ho you have to behave in public.You can slow dance with her because she  doesn’t  want to be a specticle.You can’t kiss her in public because she doesn’t want  her boyfriends to see.Dye your hair the right color and act like your  48 years old.Don’t die your hair blond and act as is your are 21  Still.Before you call someone bald,check your receding hairline

Don’  listen to people.people will take you down because hey thought they were better then you ,you are above them.Yes shes a user.Yes they thought they were better than us.That was just a false facade who have a image to maintain.Its too bad she comes off better than us or as great as she proclams.She also comes off richer than anybody ,when her as is broke as the rest of us.

I also love people uncondiotionally .that won’t  work.You practice God ,but yet could not tell what the ten commandments are..Yes we love them unconditionally.It still didn’t work.You can’t understand EVIL!

In regards this girl wants a puppy,who wont bitch when shes fucking around with ten guys.A dog she can kick and who wont bite her back.Shes not worth it in the end.Too bad shes loyal to no one .Shes loval to one and thats herself.IM THE DOG THAT BIT HER IN THE ASS!






The edge@

Wishes all your loves a Happy Valentines Day

I Love you baby.I have never loved anyone more.You are the only woman for me.

You were a high school romance,and you still are.a relationship doomed from the start.

It didn’t mean i didn’t give you my heart.

I gave you everything i had to give.

I would of given you my life if it was for you to live.

Old men get wiser.

We can’t cover up your lies.

You had the man that loved you to the end.

and baby i love your way.

You were the goddess i possessed.

Your heart wasn’t as true as you confessed.

better to love and lost.

To never have loved at all.

Your the queen of mu heart.

You were from the start.

Happy Valentines day.

Even if i a m not your valentine.

In my heart you will always be mine.

Happy valentines day,I love you.

How true is that!


Its a sad thing to see when this happens.Its funny how i look back  and see some people who where so dear to me are gone.Were they not suppose to mean that much to us?They had to come into our lives for a reason.Either to teach us something or to learn from them.It is truly hard to believe how superficial people really are.You don’t think a year makes that much of a difference.What hurts the most is when we still love them the same.We have not changed in our hearts how we felt a year ago.Just remember to let your heart keep loving them.Don’t change yourself to bitter and to hate them in the end.Miracles can happen.I have seen it.Strangers things have happened.Have a great day!

I love and adore you all