Don’t waste your time!

Don’t waste your time on people who don’t deserve it.A Lot of times we wait or we don’t seize an opportunities, because we think someone else is worth the  wait .Make  your sure you really analyze  your relationships.All to many times we think are mates are true and us being the good people  that we are,would never cheat or even date another person at the same time.Well guess what they were doing exactly that!I don’t think its right,because someone always gets hurt.If they are that kind of person,they are not honest and they are probably lying about other things too.Also you are probably not the only one they are playing.They are  usually playing somebody else.They play so much, that they usually end up alone or they fell in love with somebody  they played and it was too late to repair the damage or save the relationship.Its sad ,but it happens.Those type of people don’t like themselves,so they take it out  on innocent people because they are not happy.Remember misery loves company!They are  the losers,because always think the grass is greener on the other side and it’s not.Remember that you are better than them, find somebody that really appreciates you and loves you for who you are!For Men, remember this ,a girl plays with your mind,a woman wants to explore  it.



I love and adore you all!@The EDGE.

Bad reputation!

Boy does this hit home.It s so funny when its in  reverse.People will make things up about you over jealousy,to get even,or just to cause trouble.Its when somebody says the good about you and they can’t believe that they listened to the bad about  you.That they really took the time to learn something about you.Because when you do good ,its usually suppressed.I have to laugh when i hear about rumors.The people that create them and what their motives are.One classic move, i hear is the friend(male) that always try’s to console your girlfriend.I also laugh when he gets dogged in the end.If she was willing to listen to that,that’s her mistake.When it backfires in their face is just classic.

Remember good prevails over evil,It most certainly always does.Just try to be the best person you can be to yourself,your loved one and to the world.To those who thought you gave me a bad reputation.Dream on,and even if you did,i would embrace it.Don’t ever be afraid of who you are,what you stand up for and what we fight for.And if they don’t like it,”Fuck them”,we didn’t live to hear their opinion, nor were we put on this world to please people.I still always try to please everyone,and that is kind of a bad thing.People talking bad about you,is only because our  lives are interesting and theirs are pitiful.Some people will trash you,just because you are you!If you want to call me a bad boy.It’s not just a name,it’s a way of life and if you can’t handle that.Get a puppy!


I love and adore you all,@ the EDGE


Accept the people that take advantage of you!

A friend posted something today in regards to or she allowed herself to be taken advantage of by a friend.She called herself naive and gullible.Her father had passed away and she felt she should be more giving.Shes right this does make us vulnerable.Another friend had said to me,nobody got hurt giving.That is wrong,we can get hurt giving to much.You have to realize,we tend to go overboard in certain situations like that.Should we give back to people,yes we should.We have to remember though ,there are people who will take advantage of that.For those people ,”shame on them”.They see it as weakness.When we are just trying to be good people and do the right things in life.The funny thing is when we fight back and don’t tolerate their crap, than we are   mean and evil people.too,.Which is wrong also! We have to learn that not everybody is like, that.Yes,we can be taken advantage of .The best thing to do is try to see the early warning signs and even then that’s not a sure cure. Best bet is  to trust ,your gut feeling.I  have made the mistake of trusting someone,that i should of known better!It happens,chalk  it up to experience.there’s nothing more you can do!Accept the  people who trespass against you,and  walk away,far away as possible!



I love and adore you all,@theEDGE

Ladies,Turn your cell phones off

Besides the technological reasons why you are required to turn your cell phone off at the doctors office.Here’s is one reason to motivate you to do so.A woman had a doctors appointment with the gynecologist.She took a shower ,did her hair and put on make up..She was ready for her check up.She didn’t think to turn off her cell phone..She goes into the exam room.It was normal procedure.She goes into the room ,feet in place and spread for the exam.Right in the middle of the exam,her cell phone goes off.She can’t reach it.It begins to play romantic music.She still can’t reach the phone,so the phone plays extensively lengthy in time.The doctor laughs and the woman needless to say turn several shades of red.She was quite embarrassed.All you would of needed was a couple candles and you would of thought you were on a romantic date.So ladies, to save you the embarrassment remember to turn off your phone while at the doctor.





I love and adore you all,@the EDGE