Friend’s with benefit’s!

197191_10152238408545532_1185971366_n      It seems to be more of trend lately in women Forty and over.Friends with benefits is becoming more and more popular.I think due to the restraints of motherhood is one and a very good reason.Mothers and fathers a like are not going to let strangers in that they know nothing about.These days it has to be someone they trust.They want to make sure that nobody threatens the safety of their children.Some women it’s more of a convenience.They work high powered jobs,these types of ladies are the bread winners who really don’t have time for a relationship.Relationships are work on both parties.(Men and women).

Relationships take patience and time,which i think some women don’t have.I have found that some that are divorced, work two jobs to support their children and they really don’t have the time.It’s not uncommom for even couples to break up due to no time between them.Then their are women that choose to live alone.They have been hurt too many times and don’t care to or need a man around.I still believe that more care to find  a partner that they can live out the rest of their days with.Friends with benefits is not a bad thing.Their has to be a lot of compassion between friends and i think that’s  why they do work.Any more, i have seen people that are married and don’t live together.If it works for you.The turn about to this is you see a lot of men in their forties and fifties going out with 26 to 35 yr old because the women this age are tired of playing the games men their same age.


I love and adore you all,@the EDGE

Every guy’s fantasy is a threesome,Wrong!

Lately i have heard and through the years ,i hear of men wanting to have a a threesome ,Yes i am sure it does occasionally enter men’s minds.Here’s the reason why you shouldn”t.One, if it’s you and your wife involved with another man.Can you handle the fact of your wife doing that or would you be like most men and want to kill the guy,lol.If you and your wife having a threesome with a woman,you may find out she likes that more than men.The chances on both sides of the fence with the person you had the threesome with your spouse or husband falling in love .From a girls perspective.A girl that is a friend of mine told me,she couldn’t believe she let another woman give her husband oral sex.In most cases, emotion kicks in and the husband and or the wife wouldn’t give her mate up to anyone.I have seen it ruin relationships entirely.How would you like the your wife  who had a threesome with you and  another woman.  leaves you for the woman .No different in women ,how would you like it if your husband leaves you for the woman you had a threesome with.Guys, you may feel this is a great fantasy.Leave to be just a fantasy!You may not like the outcome if you go through with it.



I love and adore you all,@the EDGE.

Sexual scents!

Their are scents that turn on men and women.For women its  “Good and Plenty”Licorice candy and cucumber. Doesn’t hurt to eat them either.For men ,its pumpkin pie and Lilac.The latest for men ,we have found out is two stroke oil or gas.For some reason it gets their adrenaline going.Even my boys and i like it.Hope it all helps you out!


I love and adore you all,@the EDGE.