Incurible romantic.

149507_331164836996010_1171880009_n Call me old fashioned or call me an incurable romantic.My mother once told me if i had a million dollars ,i would be an incurable romantic.Well it doesn’t take a million dollars.I believe in flowers,and candy on your first date.Dating these days has become so impersonal,with texting and online dating.what happened to giving the girl a call on the phone?If you take your voice out of the equation,you lose emotion and character  from your personality.It doesn’t allow you to make any impressions just by the sound of your voice.then their’s the online dating site dilemma.

I hate dating sites.people don’t communicate the same as if they were in person.Dating is a dance.several key components are necessary to secure any relationship.When we talk to each other.,you can tell if the other person is listening to you.I believe when you are dating somebody,especially in the beginning that you show sincerity.When we practice this,it not only helps in your personal; relationship,but how you treat people in general.Going out with somebody and dating somebody are two different things.Don’t forget your out to win their heart,so make it personal.

I love and adore you all@the EDGE.


Recently being At gathering i encountered my old friend Muddflap.we started comparing notes of her sons and i’s past relationships.She cracked me up.She said “the edge are you that good”I replied “no comment”I guess when a girl tries to destroy you that is a sign of love.well you have to laugh,She gave it her best shot!is this love?Maybe!.When its so passionate that you would do anything to get the significant other to want you that bad.It’s not the first time this is happened.It happened multiple times.she may be right.The quote of the day out of it.You post naked pictures of women,i explained no i don’t and i also post pictures of men.She explained to me,i wasn’t complaining about the pictures of men.Love ya,Muddflap!

I love and adore you all@the EDGE.

What can you offer me?

27150_445093472245028_712960495_nIn  most cases guys strive to become what a girl wants or what they have to offer a girl.Guys that are good are more than willing to give you their world.But Guys,what you should be looking at,is what does she have to offer me.Is it just sex,do i have a future with her,do i want to spend the rest of my life with her?Do i want to grow old with her.This is what a guy should be asking himself.Now you may just want a friend with benefits,a girlfriend or a future wife.That’s all fine.Most guys want or end up wanting more.Make sure she can fulfill your needs.If she can’t she’s not worth having.



I love and adore you all,@theEDGE.