Amen to that!


Continut to be a nice person after that.Sometimes we let the little things or things that don’t warrant wasting our time with get under our skin.Don’t hold your anger in and become that way with everyday people friends or aquaintenances.We are suppose to protect our friends and family.Thats our job.Stay true to yourself and your beliefs.Don’t be vengeful in your behavior.Everything happens for a reason.Sometimes its a blessing in disguise!

I love and adore you all@heEDGE!

Karma comes swiftly!

66397_320791144689662_730283457_n  Isn’t it funny how swift karma is.You just don’t realize how fast God gets even for you!I honestly don’t wish anything bad upon my enemies or for people who have hurt me in the past.We have to be careful what we wish for.Things do happen by positive or when we concentrate on something.I don’t want to name any names,but i feel extremely bad for this person.I will pray that she will be alright.I also seen it coming and i tried to warn her.She thought she knew better or didn’t have to listen to me.She was a hypocrite who use t preach the gospel to me.She couldn’t even follow the ten commandments.Now she is paying the price.Even though she did me dirty,i still feel empathy for her.If it wasn’t for her i would of never started this site.I wish you all the best and i will pray for you.

I love and adore you all@theEDGE420