Stick to the facts!

MBellBackgroundTop Recently a friend posted an article on the shooting death Of Marc Bell by Kenosha police.If you don’t know or are not aware.Mr Bell has started a campaign to change the rules and regulations of arrest.He has electronic billboards up and down the sides of I-94.After reading her article i became enraged.First of all she has no clue as to what happen.If she did she would have reviewed the dash cams and the reenactment.Mr Bel has made available trough his site.I also don’t agree with her saying that he said Kenosha police are corrupt.Their are good police officers and bad!I surely am not going to take away the credit for the ones that are good.I have reviewed that case time and time again.I was a paralegal student.What i did find were flaws in probable cause,deadly intent and a  violation of rights.I do not condone nor endorse any badgering of the police department.I do know this.What if it was your kid involved!Resisting arrest is one thing,going after a police officers gun is another.Their is no substantial evidence of Marc Bell doing that.Another flaw i picked up, is that the dash cam does not show anything do to them being on the side of the car.The witness Marc Bell can’t tell us what happened.There is no dash cam to explain it either.Through journalism,it is ethical to report and site facts.If you don’t know the facts,shut your face!Their will be more stories to tell on this case as i review it and write my thoughts.Please check out Mr Bell’s site before you pass judgement.That is all we ask!



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A Lot of times i receive media on these sites,on” how to land women”.I think they are all bullshit.Guys if you would want to land a women.This is not hard to do.Charm is number one.Always be as nice as you can be.You don’t have to snowball a woman to make her be attracted to you.Be sincere.If you are going to compliment her,make it a sincere complement.Be a romantic.Buy her flowers.All the little things add up! Number one be confident!Of course you will get shot down!It’s a fact of life.Remember this though,even the most beautiful confident women think they are old,that they are not that beautiful and they get rejected more than most girls.Guys tend to think they don’t have a chance with them.When actually your chances are better than most especially if you pursue her.Make a girl feel wanted!Don’t ever tell a girl you don’t need them or you don’t want them.Some things are better left unsaid.Instead of trying to figure out how to pick her up,figure out how to have a conversation with her.Last but not least,be the type of man you would want your daughter to be with.


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What a girl wants is back!


We apologize for are little hiatus.Vacationing in Las Vegas was paradise!I didn’t want to come home.I met some exquisite people.It was just such a different lifestyle.Who could not love laying by the pool in 100 degree heat,drinking margaritas and surrounded by beautiful people.We gambled a little and lost a little.We gained a great time!I cant wait to go back!So yes,it’s back to the old grind!Reality has set in,lol.I miss you Las Vegas!


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Do you tell the truth?


I don’t know why it is such an impossible thing to tell the truth!Deception is the worse case of a lie.Nobody likes to be betrayed.The truth of the matter is if we tell the truth,we don’t ever have to remember what we said.We don’t have to tell a lie to cover up another lie.The saying rings true,because if you catch somebody in a lie,it’s not to hard to figure out all the other lies.Believe me,their will be more to follow if you discover one or two little lies.The fact is if you don’t lie,people will always know you to be whole and a man or woman of your word.Telling the truth builds trust and doesn’t give people the opportunity to doubt you.Telling the truth can hurt you too.At least they won’t doubt you when you speak the truth!


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