Make time for your mate!

All too many times we become busy with day to day life.We sometimes neglect are other half.Make sure that you make time for them.If it’s been a long week,make a date night.You don’t even really have to go out.If you miss somebody you are sometimes just as happy to stay in with them.We get wrapped up in every day life,and we tend to let our love lives slide.Sometimes it goes both ways with either party.

Remember to do something special with your other half.If you don’t have the time,make the time.Its all too crucial in dating,relationships and marriage.If you don’t spend time together,you grow apart and nobody wants that.So buy them flowers.Make them dinner or do the special thing that everybody likes.I don’t need to explain what that is!I hope!

I love and adore you all@theEDGE420,