Friends like you,who needs enemies?

They call themselves our friends.The same friends who are down on people who smoke pot,but yet are buying a one hitter in the same breath.The same friends that can oppose one sin such as alcoholism then yet be the biggest gambler that ever walked.He is a tight,cheap ass mother fucker that bitches when he has to spend money on his family.The same friends that have been there for 25 yrs,but yet stab you in the back every chance they get.

They same friends that talk smack about you and spread lies to try to make himself look better than you.The same friends that claim they are such honest law abiding citizens,which are secretly felons in another state.The same friends that bite you when you aren’t looking.They have to carry a gun,because they are too big of pussies to be in a fist fight.They talk lies, when you talk truth and could actually bury them.Those same friends are hypocrits that have nothing  better to do except tol pathethically try to get even because they are jealous.

They are also the same dumbasses that think that nobody will figure them out.well let me tell you my so called friend.Be careful when you talk smack because everybody knows you to be a bullshitter.Be careful when i do,beacuse i talk truth.Nobody wants anything to do with you,because then we all owe you.Keep up talking your shit about people,it’s a small town amd we all know who and what you are.You are a worthless piece of white trash that as friends ,who needs enemies!

I love and adore you all@theEDGE420.

Ladies,Don’t let your men go astray!

All too many times i see problems in relationships.One common one is,(Both guys and girls do it).They neglect their partner.It is a known fact that eighty percent of the women population do not want to get married.That’s not to say they don’t want a companion.They seriously just become to complacent in the relationship.When someone is stressing to you or keeps complaining that you don’t have time for them.I don’t know about women ,but i do know with men.Men become bored very easily.

They will not keep saying the same things.They will simply say ,screw this and walk away.Now some women think that they have to keep up the chase for a man to stay interested.They feel that if they don’t keep the man chasing after them that the relationship will be over.Well, when a guy keeps asking and then all of a sudden he doesn’t ask anymore,hes fustrated because you don’t take what he says seriously.

He will finally give up.Well, while the woman is saying,he’s just talking,he won’t leave.I will just make him chase me some more.He’s already gone!He has made up his mind that he has tried over and over again.So ladies if you do want to keep  what you got,don’t let that man go astray.He will find something better to do!

i love and adore you all@theEDGE420.