Regroup,Regret,Remember,and Move forward!

These four things you should remember, are very imporant!Regroup,there is a time to fight,there is a time to walk away and there is a time to retreat and think things through!Regret,Leave your regrets behind,because they are nothing more than mistakes you have made and you can’t go back in time.We all ave regrets and things we should have,would have,could have done!Take your lumps and walk away from them.Leave the past in the past and don’t look back!Remember,,remember what they did to you and never forget,Don’t make the mistake twice,but be “certain in your conviction”, and what i mean by that is have all the proof that it did happen that way,you remember who did it,and then put in the back of your mind,unless you want to keep going around in circles with the same mistake

Last but not least,Move forward and never look back.Get new dreams,or are act on the old.Doesn’t matter,How old you are or how young,Just have dreams and goals.My father(R.I.P)once told,”damn you want a lot”.but it’s not such a bad thing.It means you have goals and things to achieve.Don’t hold onto the past”Put all that shit behind you and trudge on,for the times you can’t walk,or you feel you can’t go on, God will carry you through.

Have a great Monday!I love and adore you all@theEDGE420.14867_613888312014822_1255239294_n

Pick up the sword!

Bad things happen to good people.The other day I had a conversation with a good friend of mine.He told me,”You know you have been robbed of this,you have been robbed of that”,He”s exactly right.You know i never really thought about  it myself.I told him and yeah do you see me holding the grudge or expecting the world to kiss my ass because I have been hurt all my life.I told him,I would have no peace in my life.If I take bad things that have happened and cried about them,I wouldn’t have grown up and achieved what I have today.Life is all a learning lesson.But you learn,grow and tweak things to better yourself.

Now I don’t want to preach the gospel and I don’t push my religion on people either.But their is a God and their is a heaven.People have died and been revived and have written books about it.What heaven is like.The bible says this,it’s an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth.Does that mean we should take the law into our own hands,absolutely not!Should we use the law to our advantage to willfully gain if it is in our power,absolutely!God didn’t create the law,man did!God created the Ten commandments for soldiers in battle,who couldn’t attend church or pray for their beliefs.We are taught in the bible,that we are not to let people walk on us and take advantage of us.We are to pick up the sword,when it’s time to fight!The sword should move swiftly,elegantly and deadly.Strike with one blow.And cut their heads off, when it’s time to defend yourself.In the end, it is not who won or lost.It’s “who the fuck kicked your ass”! Pick up the sword!

Thank you and have and have beautiful thursday night.I love and adore you all @theEDGE420

Hypocrits are hypocrits!

Nothing upsets me more when people try to give you advice and don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.A friends exhusband is giving her dating advice.First he tells her she needs botox,she need a boob job because she sags and she needs to lose thirty pounds.First of all i know a ton of men who would have this woman in a heart beat.Please tell me what room you have to give advice to her when you are a lazy piece of fatshit that does nothing but suck air.He’s always the victim.Hes a bout 70 to 80 pounds over weight ,has no personality and hasnt had a date in  6 yrs.You know you can be fat and ugly and still get a woman or man.

Relationships don’t start on looks,they start on how you connect and feel about one another.If you are into somebody,you wouldn’t be trying to change their appearance.It shows exactly how shallow you really are.If you love somebody you don’t see that they are over weight or have this problem or that problem.You accept them for who they are.You are happy for who they are.You are attracted to them for who they are,not what they aren’t.Before you start looking into somebodys back yard,make sure your yard is clean first.Nobody has a right to judge anybody.We all have are own baggage and if you love somebody you will help them unpack theirs.

If they are good to you and they make you happy,love them for that.Be happy with that because the grass is not always greener on the other side.

I love a nd adore you all@theEDGE420.


Masturbation!The questions and answers people want to know!

In a recent conversation with a female friend of mine ,the subject came up about men and women and which one masturbates and who doesn’t.The answer on men,we all do.If a guy tells you he does not masturbate,he’s a liar.I think one of the reasons guys do masturbate is because they can just fantasize about any girl they desire,whether they can get that girl or not.It’s that easy with men.Just like with men,if you want sex from a man,show up naked with beer in hand.Now women are a totally different breed.My female friend was not aware that most all women have a vibrator.The reason why they do,is because their mate has not taken the time or even cares about pleasing her.He just wants to get his rocks off and call it a day.

My goal in life with women as i grew up was to make them totally fall in love with me.Women its not just sex.It’s dinner,romantism,flowers ,the whole nine yards.If your woman has a vibrator, you are not doing your job as a man correctly.Experiment with her,she will tell you what she does not like.If she likes what you are doing, you will know it by the tone in her voice,her moans or the quivering of her legs.You will know when you hit the spot.Women as well as men have A “g” spot.Im not going to tell you where that it is,it is your job as a male to figure it out.Try different things,watch porno flicts,read about what turns them on.Once you have a woman so turned on,she’ll throw that vibrator away.In reference to that it ,it reminds me of the late great comedian”Sam Kinison”.He was on the subject of doctor Ruth.He was quoting her as she said.If the women is not pleased by the man,it’s perfectly fine for the woman to go please herself.As “Sam Kinison” quoted, how would you know that doctor Ruth,”Were you sucking dick on horseback”Sam’s reaction to that was”Well thanks doctor Ruth,now my old ladie is fucking the lawnmower”

Get my point,hope you have enjoyed the article.I love and adore you all@theEDGE420

Sorry i have been absent!

Its been a while since i have posted any stories or any news.Relationships are rough.I don’t believe if you are having a problem in one that it is fair to rip your partner or relationships in general.When i get in those situtations,i have to look back and collect my thoughts for i do not want to say something cruel or not have my mind in the right frame of mind.I don’t like to appear bitter and sometimes you just have to take a break and reflect what you are going through.

Sometimes when you love somebody,that doesn’t mean you will be with that person or that it can work.Sometimes it don’t work,Everybody needs their piece of mine.Even though we want it to work out,it just simply can’t.Its a bitter pill to swallow.This is not uncommon either.Their are alot of people that love each other,they just can’t get along,financial matters hamper things or old or new baggage presents a problem.I do know this if you want something in a relationship,don’t settle for less.If you are not getting the attention or you are not getting what you need,then its time to leave.

We can’t change people and people always think they can change somebody.That person has to want to change.We can’t do it for them.Does it hurt?,of course it does.You just have to realize,it is what it is.Move on with your life.Everything happens for a reason.Some things are not meant to be.Continue to strive in life,stand by your beliefs and follow your dreams.Remember this their is more than just one soul mate for us all.Be patient,things will come when its time.

Thank you,I love and adore you all @theEDGE420.