The misconception of a “Badboy”.

Theirs a stigma about Badboys that is just not true.Badboys would rather be with one girl than to be out whoring around.Do they like to be wild ?Yes they do.Are they out spoken? of course!They say Badboys come from Bad relationships or troubled past.That may be true.The relationship problems usually stem from a partner of theirs not being truthful.Badboys are usually extremely honest.They don’t have a problem telling you how they feel.Badboys are extreme romantics.They will buy flowers ,candy and believe in all the values of of being in a commited relationship.They usually take very good care of their mates,their mothers and their daughters.

Badboys have manners.They believe in the old fashioned ways,like  opening a door for a woman.They are perceived as Badboys because thay have usually had to fight for everything they get.Do they come from troubled backgrounds,maybe?That does not mean they are not capable of rebounding from bad relationships.They usually are bitter as anybody else at first.Thats usally because thay have already been through it a couple times.True Badboys treat women with respect.They don’t even like when their friends are fucking around on their mates.Can you change a Badboy,probably not,but if you love one the right way,he will give you the world.So dating a Badboy is not always bad.They usually love children whether it’s his or yours.

Badboys have beliefs and feelings, and act very strong about those feelings.Badboys do not tell you stories for you to feel sorry for them.The last thing they want is for you to feel sorry for them.They have idea’s and dreams and usually are very passionate about following them.Are Badboys good in bed,of course.They are the best and not because they slept with alot of women.They simply try to do everything to please their mates.Badboys are very loyal creatures and they expect that loyality back.Where you will have a problem with a Badboy,is if you are not truthful,they hate it.If you are not loyal to them,remember every badboy looks for a good girl that will be bad just for them and evey good girl wants a badboy that will be good just for them.If you have alot of chemistry with one,than you have it good.They will protect you,love you to the ends of the earth,and take care of you with all their heart.

So if you find a badboy and he’s sincere,you have scored.Don’t listen to all the hype of why they are bad.To be quite honest,they are exactly what a girl wants.Be careful,because all your friends will want him too.He may have alot of women chasing him,and usually he don’t have one that he’s with all the time,simply because they are picky.Do badboys say,I love and adore you all@theEDGE420.

To the one i call ,baby!

You may not always understand me or my actions.Some things i have to do without a choice.As a man,we not only have to make choices for ourselves,but we also have to make choices as to what is better for all of us.I was left thinking that somebody didn’t believe in me anymore,so therefore just like breakups.I had to go through the sorrow,get over the heartache and get over it in general.Sometimes when we let people go,and we let them go away to long before thinking through our actions,the person you let go has become distant  and has suffered and grown through it.It doesn’t mean i love you any less.I love you from the bottom of my heart.You are my everything.You are my smile,when i don’t feel like smiling.You are the sun when my day is dark.

Somehow i feel that you lost some love for me and i lost a little too.Remember it’s better to lost and loved than to never love at all.Theirs no use in talking bad about something that happpened.It happens and people break up.I had to let you go,so you could grow and experiance life. So you could experiance all the things that life has to offer.I will never fully leave you.You are in my heart,my soul and my mind everyday .I just couldn’t talk to you the way i once did before,and that killed me.Im sorry if i am making you cry,for i only want you to be happy.I just want you to have somthing normal in  your life,in a life that’s not to normal.I guess in a way you could say i was trying to protect you.We should look up to our peers,parents and mentors.A break up shouldn’t make anybody look any less in your eyes.I wanted to make sure i preserve that.You are the only girl in my life, that i call Baby.So i am sure you will figure out who i am talking to.

For all you Gentlemen out there make sure you tell your daughters, wives, girlfriends, or your signicant others,how much you appreciate and love them,because you will really never know how much you appreciated them  untill their gone.

I love you baby!

I love and adore you all@theEDGE420



Why don’t you come to your senses,youve been out riding fences for so long now,

Oh,you’re a hard one,but i know you got your reasons.These things that are pleasing you,can hurt you somehow.Dont draw the queen of diamonds,boy she’ll beat you if she’s able.The queen of hearts was always your bestfriend.Now it seems to me,some bad things have been layed upon your table.But you only like the oness that you can’t get.


You aint getting any younger,your pain and your hunger are there, driving you on.Freedom,oh freedom,that’s just what  some people call it.You better let somebody love you,you better let somebody love you,before it’s too late.

I love and adore you all@theEDGE420.