Some days are better than others!

We all have bad days and good days!We wonder what it would have been like if things turned out differently!Remember we should not dwell on the past.We have to remember people are taken out of our lives for a reason.They were bad for us,they created negativity.They held us back from our achievements.Either out of jealousy,greed or just plain were your enemy in silence.You would be amazed at the amount of people who stab you in the back.Does it hurt,of course it does,because we were usually better people to them than they were to us.

You have to start taking the knives out of your back, and start throwing them back!Be prepared though,they will not like it and do their best to retaliate.It’s because they have nothing left.You called them out on their lies and made a fool of them.You proved, they are exactly as what you thought they were.The funny thing is,if you are honest and truly a good person,well that is probably the sexiest quality that you could possesse.Stand your ground,don’t let anybody fuck with your dreams or hold you back from doing so! You will get discouraged,you will second guess yourself and you will have bad thoughts.Don’t give up,life is a test and God wouldn’t hand you anything you can’t handle.Even though it seams that way at times.Remember this, if you want to be a millionare,hang out with millionares,You want to be a scum,hang out with scum.Look for better time to spend your life,because life is short!

Last but not least,remember you deserve better! Don’t settle for second best!

I love and adore you all@theEDGE420.

Do you really know how i feel!

People really don’t look out for people that are really hurting.They are to self evolved.They don’t listen to the warning signs.We all give them out!When you see somebody really hurting and you know what it looks like.Try to help that person,we don’t really know the torment or tragedy people face!Some of us struggle just to make it day by day!We all hurt but some don’t show it ,because if they did, it would be a sign of weakness!They struggle and they struggle hard.

So if you see the pain in my eyes,it’s no surprise,but you will never see me cry!For if it wasn’t for you,I wouldn’t of had to harden my heart.Because it’s all about why people just can’t say they were wrong!For you cast me along.Who Would stay if they didn’t fell they belong.Your ego is out of hand,and just to prove a point.It’s all about you admitting you are wrong!Heaven forbid you should have to do that,but its easier for you to keep up your worthless front to save face! Hang on to your false hoods because you are not fooling anybody.Fake is as fake comes!

I love and adore you all @theEDGE420.

My love for you!

Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have!Good friends,a loving wife or girlfriend or that friend that always went out of their way to take care of you.We take for granted the time we had together.Sometimes people take that because we are sensitive or we respond when someones in trouble that we are weak.You are sadly mistaken! When it is that person that you took for granted that needed your help the most.Being a salesmen  all my life and all the relationships i have had,i have learned to read people very clearly.I know when they are true,when their full of shit and when they pretend to be my friends.I didn’t get this far in life by being weak.

I had a loving father,but that’s not to say,he was terrible one at one time.He beat me when i was young,he mistreated me and he gave me a belief in life that i was worth nothing.I could never do anything right for him.What it made me was angry,i was in trouble with the law and rejected authority of any kind.I had a low self esteem.I swore when i grew up and had kids i would never be like him and i wasn’t.I treated my kids with respect,built them up, and pushed them to strive in life.Of  course as a father,i made mistakes also.What made me become was a person that looked out for everybody except myself.I would and i still do go out of my way to make people happy.I suffered a severe blood clot about seven years ago,i was on my death bed.I asked God,if i was dying.He told ne no,he told me i had many things to take care of in life yet.

What he didn’t tell me,is what i would achieve.I started a site called”Whatagrlwants”.com as a dating advice site.I have been an advocate,for depression,suicide and mental illness.Out of that site.I started a mens clothing line,a womans clothing line and just recently opened a tobacco store.I learned one thing,that i was a fighter and refused to give up or die trying.Some people,it’s money,fame or fortune.Yes i want them all just as much as the next guy!If i died tommorrow.I would only want one thing! That would be to be remembrd as that quality type guy.And to remember,my love for you.

I love and adore you all@theEDGE420.