Happy New year!

My thought for today !Always listen to your heart and follow your dreams.Make them happen!Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from creating your own.We all can fail,and if it was easy,everybody could do it!Thank you to all the people that have stood behind me.It was the constant talk in my ear how you wanted me to make it,that kept me going!I love and adore you all@the EDGE420.Happy New Year!

Is she a bigger slut than you!

I have to laugh at this one,Recently I found out an ex friend got engaged to another friends ex wife,of course he has to cut her down,calling her several names,I said to him,what are you complaining about.You were a bigger slut than her.You went to strip clubs,you fucked around on her every chance you got.She returned the favor, and how did you like it.We all go through rebounds and maybe have done some things,we are not proud of.So pick up your shit and move on.She had no reason to come back to you.She found somebody that treats her right.Just happens to be one of your friends.Get over it because your the slut calling the kettle black.     I love and adore you all@theEDG

Stop searching for someone to make you happy!

All to many times we search for someone to make us happy.Men and women both do it.The problem is you never will be happy until you’re happy with yourself.I did for many years and I never found someone who could totally make me happy.My past as a child came to light.I figured out why I was unhappy.With a little money and big dreams,I became happy.I started”Whatagrlwants”,I started a clothing line and I opened the smokin gun tobacco store.When you find you are happy with yourself.Finding a mate is easy,because they don’t have to be everything,they are just the icing on the cake.      I love and adore you all