Always walk away!

Going through my own personal hell,stuck in the blackness,escaped from my cell.Should of walked away along time ago,listen to these demons tell me what I know.Sometimes you just got to walk away.Ive scratched,kicked and fought for everything I got.If you didn’t hear from me,that’s because I forgot,the pain that plagued me,but it wouldn’t stay away,So I called it what it was and went a stray,climbed out of the darkness and dust off the ashes.Couldn’t go back where I came from.The hole had closed and left me outside,climbed out of the rubble and walked away.So if you feel down,and you feel lost.Remember it’s just a depressing town.You owe nothing to nobody,got to do for you.Smile and say,I walked away!I love and adore you all@theEDGE420.