You may fail,still be persistent!

We don’t always succeed the first time.Did we really fall?Things don’t always go as planned!If you didn’t try at it, you would be wondering for the rest of your life,what if it is was a success?Somebody,recently told me I had failed at certain financial endeavors,Such as “Whatgrlwants”.What a girl wants was never meant to be a money maker!It was designed to give you some honest insight!If you read it and like it,then I already made it a success!Any money put into it is a loss for the moment.Any contributions we give away,donate or sponsor is pretty much for exposure!

Someone looks up to you!

I started this website for non profit.My goal on this site was to bring people up,build confidence in them and to try to make them feel better!Even though my life sometimes feels like it’s falling apart!I think to myself and I say to God,just take me out of my misery.Nobody will care if I’m gone!Thats not true.I came to realize that their are people who look up to me.Who would be heartbroken if I was gone.Sometimes we are so stupid in our own misery that we forget we were put on this earth do a Gods work.We don’t think of the people who would miss us or lean upon us for our insight.With that being said.Believe in people,when they feel down,try to make things better.If you can help a person get a job,do so.If they need your mind to show them how to do so,help them.Never say things that can hurt,because you might not have the chance to apologize again.Be a mentor.Most of all remember that somebody wants to be like you.Be the best you can,because somebody looks up to you!Thank you,I love and adore you all@theEDGE420!