When you feel like giving up !

We all get discouraged and sometimes we lose hope.Life knocks us down in all kinds of ways.Do you ever get tired of trying or you think you are beating your brains out.If anybody feels that more its me.I bust my ass trying to make my life work and sometimes it just piles up.I wonder what I’m doing wrong or why I keep failing.Well first of all,are you really failing?Sometimes the stars are just not lining up the right way or the way I think they should.We have to remember that God has a plan for us.We may not know what that plan is and that is what scares us!Believe me it scares me.But all too many times I have seen God perform miracles.When I thought it’s useless or I had no way out,he cleared a path for me.Whatever you do,do not lose faith.We have bad days,but tomorrow is new day.Instead of worrying,pray!Worrying is for the devil!He makes us feel insecure!He makes us second guess are actions.He makes us lose hope.Though the path your on May seem dark,tomorrow is a new day.Tell your self you tried your best and gave it your best shot!For tomorrow you will have a second chance to try again.Talk to friends,because friends always seem to bring light towards your way.Dont give up,just pray.It will all get better In the end.Remember things can change in a instance or in a blink of an eye. So pray when you feel like giving up.if you need someone to talk to,remember you always contact me.I’ll be here when you feel like giving up,I love and adore you all @the EDGE 420!

Don’t be a needy male(Dedicated to Sam

Gentlemen,if you want a girl don’t show that you are needy.It is probably the biggest turn off to a woman.The last thing a woman wants is a boy instead of a man.Men make the mistake of being to forward towards a female.even down to your approach when you first meet a female can be d’être mental.if you approach a female face forward,completely facing a woman head on will give her the impression that you are needy.Guys are to forward when first meeting girls.They sometimes are to clingy.Theirs a song called “Hold on loosely”which is explains this.What I am trying to tell you is,don’t show that you are to willing.You sometimes call them to much,text to much.Its better to be a little more reserved.If you show them that you are over interested,it will push them away.Women are wired different then men.When they see you are to forward,it pushes them away.You will get a lot further with her,if you relax a little bit and let the woman make her own moves and come to you a little bit.Yes it’s a car and mouse game.Sometimes let a day go by before you text them again.Call them but not everyday.Give the girl a chance to desire you,instead of pushing yourself upon her.Patience is everything when you first meet.Like the song goes hold on loosely but don’t let go!I love and adore you all,@the Edge420.