What happened to dating?

What is the true reason we date?To find a mate,to not be lonely,and to have somebody to hold.The problem these days is that people are tired of putting in all the effort and not getting anything back in return.A lot of people are or have given up.Its to much effort!They have jobs,kids,etc.As I look back through the years,I think to myself,I have never had a woman that was really good to me or didn’t have a ulterior  motive!Now of course this does not apply to everyone.I look at it this way,I sacrificed myself for my children,my job and yes my spouse.She never sacrificed for me,it was alright for me to break my back to support us.Well after all that sacrifice,it was about time for me to start caring for myself.After that was over I learned from my mistakes.The mistakes I made with her.I didn’t show  I cared .I wasn’t romantic enough.Well then  as I dated new people,I bought flowers,candy,all the old fashioned things that dating involved.I was there for them emotionally,financiallyand everything else it took.It didn’t make any difference.People want five people instead of one.They want one for this reason,They want another one for that reason.Tgey always think the grass is greener on the other side.Instead of looking or thinking,I’m happy with what I have,Let’s face it,their will be problems with anybody you date.Its what you can live with and what you can’t!These days we are just not willing to take that chance,or put in that much effort.Therefore were content with being alone.Thank you,I love and adore you all@the EDGE420.