Sometimes you feel like giving up!

imageNobody can feel your pain.Nobody can crawl into your heart and feel the ache!It takes a brave soul to pick your head up and feel like you are someone when you are all alone!Its a hard thing to brave.Loss of family!Ex’s that have done unspeakable bullshit!Ruined relationships!Are we really alone,you bet!As you get older,people’s true colors are more apparent.Relationships,welet ruin us.Failures and shortcomings.Even this one,expecting to much from ourselves and letting ourselves down.Beating yourself up is more distructive then anybody could say to you!Life beats us up that’s  for sure!You just want to give up and crawl into a hole!We somehow got to pick ourselves up and push forward.Life is to short to hurt yourself with hurt!Believe me,I have hurt to the point of depression,no self worth.Its so hard on people.I have failed at so many things,but I keep going.Dont give up,when you feel like giving up,keep that thought because that is how you succeed!I love and adore you all @theEDGE420.