Don’t give up on romance!

Something have slid away from us.Such as romance.Its hard to keep it going when you hurt from the past.We get bitter.We claim to ourselves,that we are not going to let that happen again.If anybody can attest to this,I can.Sometimes you just can’t help it.Its hard to write about romance when you are jaded.Somehow we lose that drive.I have lost it.Its hard for me to focus on it when in the back of your mind,you think about the harm done to you.Romance is like the kindling of a fire.It builds strength in your relationships.A spark here,a spark there all relates to the fire your trying to build.Without it is liking trying to build a house without a foundation.So even though you are bitter,you still must put in as much strength as you did in your past relationship.Oh,it’s definately hard,but not every person is the same,and not everybody is going to hurt you.Let those bitter feelings rest.Dont forget them,but don’t carry them to the next relationship.Try to put it behind you.We all wrestle with our demons,including me.Its very hard,but you must forgive for yourselfs sake.Dont forget but forgive.Because if you can’t, you will only destroy yourself.So remember to buy flowers,candy and stoke the fire,Without it you have nothing.I love and adore you all@theEDGE420. Continue reading Don’t give up on romance!