I fell Inlove with a Vampire!


I wasn’t looking when she took my breath.The black soul of the devil she possessed.I should of known,when her skin was so pale and fair.Her beautiful red and black hair.Ruby red lips,eyes of green.She was the sweetest ,meanest thing I had ever seen.She took my heart and then she took my blood.Her long black nails penetrated my skin.She clawed my back and took me to a world of sin.She still had a heart,and she still had a soul.Her black leather legs made me beg for more.She rocked me like the countess,that she really was.Her cape covered me and gave me warmth.I guess I should of fought,I guess I should of ran.How was I to know she was of Dracula’s clan.She hissed,she screamed my name.I couldn’t break free,she had me in chains.Her slave I was forever more.The black soul she was,the Devils whore.Her chambers was of red silk,and blood red wine.My darkest obsession,I was hers for all time.She was a vampire,and I was in her empire.But she turned me into one of her.The sexy,sultry countess,she was.She turned me into the prince of darkness,her flames grew near!Thats when I fell Inlove with the vampire,forever my darkest fear!  @theEDGE420.


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