“Bad boy Milwaukee”shirts for sale!

Badboy Milwaukees shirts!100 percent Cotten Dickies work shirts,Available in Xl,1x,2x,and 3x.Double screen printed for maximum durability.Available in cut short sleeve,Cut off sleeve and tailored.$98.50 ea,contact BrettHalstead45@gmail,or text your order at (262)412-2886!

When is enough,enough?

Good question,isn’t it?Enough is enough when you have reached your limit on what you will deal with anymore.When it interferes with your attitude,its enough.When you feel it is ruining your happiness,its enough.When you have to apologize just to keep the peace,even if its not your fault.Its enough, when you have held back by being nice for the rude ass people you meet.Could be friends,aquaintenances,or even family. It is enough,When you will be the asshole no matter what.Its enough when your heart feels you always have to do good in the world,Even when you know you will be taking advantage of.When you have to bring yourself down to the negative the depths of negative people.Dont ever lower yourself,with thing that jeapordizes your peace and happiness of your freedom.When you reach the point that you are going to be happy no matter what, people will try to bring it upon you or bring you down.Rise above it.Dont look back.People will either learn to respect you or they just wont be around,and it will be by your choice!I love and adore you all @theEDGE420.