The struggle!

Don’t know what became of this world.Where the truth is so hard to find.Words have no meaning and so unkind.You see them,but you really don’t care.Its your world you live in and you have no time to spare.Their times are rough with a lot of despair.They see through you,how your lives are full of lies and hate.All the negativity that you generate.For their souls are not hopeless.And they have lives.Just for you not to hold and to not hear their crys!You said you really cared,but how much of that was true.
They lended their hand,but you didn’t see it through.All you were saying was false hoods and lies.Never caring or wondering if or why!You let them down when you were born to bring them up.You so high and mighty thinking you were better than the rest.Your castles could crumble like the rest of us.You thought you were above everybody.Wondered where all your friends had gone.All along it was you who pushed them on.Dont want to hear your thoughts,for they mean nothing to me.Just wasted breath in a vast sea.Dont look down upon for you may have to look up.They aren’t down,just down on their luck.One day you might need them and they wont give a fuck.Thank you,I love and adore you all@theEDGE420.

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