Thought for Today!October 4,2012

Do you love them enough to let them go?There has to be something said for that term.What does that entail?I have to honestly believe that we learn from relationships.Through every relationship their is good and bad.We have to learn to use the good things and forgive the bad(Don’t forget though).Find peace within yourself so it doesn’t carry on to the next relationship.So many times, i see relationships fail.One party is doing see the same things they did in the past relationship.Whether it be they are bitter at an ex,they are right wing fighters who are right no matter what or they simply can’t see the results of their actions.Through all relationships,we get hurt.We get knocked off our game,are egos are hurt and are self esteem has been damaged.Remember to love yourself.The most important relationship is with God.God loves you and you have to love yourself.Their are so many factors in relationships.Jealousy,deceipt,control,etc.Its not suppose to be that way.We are told to accept the things we cannot change.Those are words to live .Their comes a time in our lives,when you have to say,change the things you can’t accept.In every relationship their is a need for control.We have too ,in order to love;Know are significant others are faithful,loyal and look out for our best interest.Its when we are degraded,held back,ridiculed and stopped from pursuing our goals that we have to look in to our mates alterior motives.Some people need control.Some people will sacrifice themselves to give people control.It can be good and bad for relationships.A recent relationship taught me to love again and i did.Once you let it go,its very hard to be bitter.You will find one of the best healing powers ,even after the worst break up,that the love you carry in your heart for the love of people, the world and God over powers all the negativity.Thank you,I love and adore you all.


I recently saw a T.V. program on the Today show.It was featuring a woman named Jennifer Livingston.She is a journalist that somebody had wrote to her telling her she was a bad role model to the younger generation, was because she was obesse or fat.I was apalled at what i heard.She went on national television to address this guy.I wanted to cheer in her behalf.She stood up to him.Being bully’ed as a kid and adult,i realize the pscyhological trauma can cause a person through life.Some people cannot take bullying which leads to depression,suicide and who knows what else.I have been bully’ed all my life.Some of us are strong though and we fight back.When my ex girlfriend bully’ed me into her control.I was told i was fat,bald,etc.Well i lost 36 lbs,my hair grew back and i started a website to tell the real side of things.For all the bully’s who think their the shit.We take such pleasure in your corrective critism,that we one day laugh at you.And,like i was told by her”Well i have to make myself look good to the next guy”.It not only made myself look good to the next girl.You made me look good to the world!For all the bad things you said about me and did.I thank you.Because you made me a better person than you.So i am standing up for all the people who have been bully’ed.Believe in your dreams,don’t let anybody knock you down.stand up for your rights and beliefs.Thank you,I love and adore you all.