Can somebody tell me..Find me somebody?Somebody to love.Somebody ,tell ,somebody tell ,somebody tell o

That you are going to have a little girl?You made me so proud.I died for her,amen ,,Thank you for saving her and him and the baby and God and meI died for somebodys baby.Wheres the baby?Please tell me.Go Look?Thank you,Brett

God has to do with loveI love, God,Because God is love.God Loves all the creatures.

I did i find God when this Happened?Does anybody know,Yes i found him and told to carry and take care of Gods country,Family,His Children and is president!God bless America.Was i fighting a holy war within my self.God,Please tell me?Bless me father for our sins.God Bless sins?,We all have sins that were not proud of ,Remember that God Has sins too?Because God loves all the Creatures of God.Love God and Brett!

Mix the colors of paint”White and black makes”,Grey.Steak sauce(A one)=.Ketchup and worsteshire!

I have solved the rubics Cube!Maybe.But God Had something to do with it!I love and adore you all!God and Brett!

What’s wrong explotation!

Every parent should see the movie!We are exploited as babies from the start.Starts out as God”s baby,Then they exploit the baby,Sell the baby into trade through ultra sound.They make us parents take pictures of the baby.Check baby prints(feet).I remember it from birth.The United states use too Take Footprints or Idenitfication,Then pictures of the babies sold to other countries.They get us to hide it by taking pictures of the babies nude.As they grow up,there being documented,look at all the movies .Wolverines,scarface,batman,joker,rideler,faces of death,death race,death race two.carol burnett,simpsons,.There is a movie that well tell all.Russia could be getting these girls to go on trips and russia or whoever are selling them into trade.Find Morgan Ashley Halstead.Daughter Of Brett halstead.Your Daughters might already be there,Black women as prositutes,russia,mail order for themselves.Be United states of america.Be Safe..You cannot hurt an that walks with God