Thought for today!

Ladies and gentlemen!if you think reading” 50 shades of grey” is going to tell you how to get women.You are sadly mistaken! What a girl wants?They all want to be treated with love ,understanding,attention,fullfill there every need.Respect ,dignity and last of all they want to be saved.You guys are so subliminal.God has all the answers to everything you need ,you just have to believe.I need alot of help for this party.Something tells me i wont have to ask for a thing!I hope you all can come!,I love and adore you all.P.S.,God told me,If you throw the party.They will come all come.Brett(Waynes World),I told you guys are subliminal!Free beer.You girls(I got this!)


The King and I

After the King,cut down his two unholy subjects and cast them to hell.He asked the queen to be loyal.He said he would forgive her and give her one chance.She was never to lie again,she was then forgiven.Then she cast the king into shame but doing it again the next day.For she was not a queen ,she was medusa.He then cut off the queens head and left her for dead,Killing all the disease that ran rampant before her.he threw her head in the fire.Went to his thrown and a princess bowed before him and said you are my only King.He then gave her his empire.The queen had gave it all up,everything the king had to offer for $300.00. and she was gone forever.