Thought for the day,August 15,2012

Good morning,hope everybody’s day is on  going good.My thought for today is part of a prayer i have read.”Evidence of a miracle”Don’t ever short circuit as miracle by trying to see it progress.So many people and believers do this.They’ll lay hands on something and pray for healing or deliverance and then ,when they don’t see any immediate outward change take place,they’ll withdraw their faith and assume nothing will happen. Some times we don’t see miracles happen.If anybody can attest to miracle’s  happening ,its me.You can only pray,but you have to let God deliver.They do happen!We have to have faith that we did our part to make them happen.Even if we don’t see the results immediately,doesnt mean it didn’t happen.Next time you’re tempted to evaluate what God is doing by the looks of things,don’t do it.Remember instead that it is faith,not appearances,that makes miracles happen.Its the only  real evidence you need!With that i would like to  thank you all for reading my posts.Have a great day.Happy birthday to Mandy Garza Andrascko.Hope all your dreams come true.Thank you,Brett


Thought for the evening!August 12,2012

Good Evening,Well i feel a little more relaxed after the weekend party!lol.What can i say about “Rock The Ranch”Great time,a lot of new friends.Saving Able was the bomb!I love that fricking band.Prong was great ,Along with Deuce.The problem with” Rock the Ranch” was the lack of gentlemen there.I couldn’believe the blatant disregard for women  or respect for that matter.I felt i had to look out for a lot of women,I saw a lot of women who could be in trouble real quick.Of course this didn’t set well with me.I think God placed me on the earth just to take care of women.I have somehow become a magnet to make these girls and women and i somehow have the ability to make them better than they were before.I have a million subjects to talk about.This topic is for women who haven’t been in the dating scene for awhile or are gullible to what is really out there.I figured out last night that guys will go to end to become dogs!They have no class and they should be treated as dogs.Once again i fall back on the moral ground.”What happened to respecting women”i understand guys that some girls  get what they pay for.They don’t respect us.I also have to believe  though their are a couple that do.I have this problem with dating lately!I don’t play around and i become friends first with love interest.Then what happens i respect the girl so much.I don’t want to lose their friendship.This is why i have two hundred Platonic relationships.Why? because i respect every one of them.I have also come to realize that,their are a lot of opportunities for me right now.I always walk around with  my eyes wide open.I will put it to you this way Ladies and Gents,Don’t be the one that he or she broke up with,”Be the one that got away”.Back to the original subject,Ladies beware! you can be followed,drugged,assaulted and that these younger guys these days weren’t raised with any morals or values.Older women,they just want a teacher and will leave you for a younger woman.You are so gullible because its so easy to drug somebody.I had a couple guys slip me a Rufe, so they could try to assault me.Guess who got their asses kicked, all five of them.The drug didn’t work.Know where you’re at,Know your surroundings and be with someone that you can trust.The dating scene can be dangerous! Remember leading somebody on, can also be very dangerous.Phones have an automatic GPS systems in them and can be easily hacked into.If somebody has got GPS on you ,they no where you are at!Its late and i have said my piece for today.Look for me tomorrow.To all my friends,family and fans,I love and adore all of you.Goodnight,Brett Halstead

Thought for the day! August 12,2012

Good morning,Boy, have i got a lot  to talk. About last night!lol.It was a good time at Royal bliss,and Trapped.Trapped was quite  impressive.I didn’t realize all the songs i knew.They are also a great band,not stuck up and  know how to put  on a show.Now to business.While i was out and about i saw a friend of mines boyfriend meeting his girlfriend at the bar.i sat back and observed what was going on.I did know he was going to be there.It wasn’t my intent to watch all this on fold.i was talking to people and girls.I was trying to have a good time.I did have a good time.But unfortunately was watching a very dear friend of mine being severely hurt.She already knew  what was going on.I had to be the bearer of bad news ,which we both knew all about.To make the situation better.I tapped him in the back.Of course he knew who i was.He and i started talking.we small talked about bands and music.The show that was going on.He walked away  from me to talk to somebody else.The moment he saw me on the phone texting.His eyes got wide.He went and spoke to his girlfriend.I immediately new ,he had told her who i was.She immediately looked over to me.They know now they both have been busted out.Now this was not designed to become A “Cheaters,Jerry Springer, Site.Me being the person i am ,could not let my friend not know what was going on.Out of respect, i had to tell her.I want to say ,what happened to society?What happened to values and morals.What happened with respect for your loved ones?Does anybody remember to buy a girl flowers and candy on the first date.What the “F” happened.People feel people are replaceable ,is what it is.Its to easy to get something new rather than repair what you have.With out giving anymore details about scenario that happened with my friend,(because i am trying to be discrete).I can’t say anything further.Lets go to another subject;Given my present situation,I met some other friends at another bar last night.Talking to a female friend,i said  to her, did you her about the story of why i was about to get in a fight with a mutual friend. Her and i were talking and i didn’t ant to got  to this bar,because he has relatives that own it and i knew he would be she asked what we were in a issue about.I told her about the girl i had been on again ,off again(so many times,lol),He wanted her to do a shot.I know what happens with this certain alcohol.I told him know.My friend asked ,What right i had to do that to my girlfriend.I said i have every right.Because i respect her and don’t want her to look like a ass!Needless to say ,i asked what right do you have to look through you guy friends phone when you are only, Ok im going to say this,(Fucking).She says”because i can”do you know what i did to that girl,I grabbed her by the hair ,pulled her hair and spanked her in front of the whole bar.(Cindy,this ones for you)I am taking back male dominance,lol.That’s a whole another couple guy friend was on the phone with her when i did this.I should of yelled who i was and tell him what i was doing to her.He and i had a conversation about this before in the past.He would of been cracking up,Had i been doing that and had he known it was me.So guys, show your testosterone in a loving,respectful,playful meaning.Be down to earth,don’t be afraid to show true emotions.I have heard this saying and i have said.”She wants to treated like a lady  in public,and treated like a whore in the bedroom”.I would like to add to it though,remember shes your friend,companion and usually the love of your life!I hope you all has a great day.I am off to “Rock the Ranch”,don’t miss it 20 bands ,20 bucks, I love and adore all of you and all my fans .Thank you,Brett Halstead


Tonights Entertainment!

Its a busy weekend.The Bratstop.Trapped and Royal Bliss pre rock the ranch party.Tonight you have Jon Ianni’s”Boys n Toys” band,Playing the Holy Rosery festival. Tomorrow.Great White,Tesla,Slaughter.Saturday,”Rock the Ranch”.Emphatic,Saving abel,All that remains,Ten years,Fear Factory,black Stone Cherry,Static x,Duece,Prong,Janis,Birge within and Texas Hippie colalition.Have a great weekend!

To Rose!

Rose,I got your message.I could not contact you back at the email you left me.You made my night too at the reunionl.I wanted to thank you personally.The dance with you was the highlight of the evening.I give credit to your husband ,He is truly a blessed and lucky man to have such a beautiful wife.Love you,Rose.hope you see this.Brett Halstead

Thought for the day,August 9,2012

  • Good afternoon,yes i know i am late.Its been a busy morning.Where do we begin?I have so many topics to cover.To Chris(db).I appreciate your post on being accused of cheating by your spouse.I have to agree with you ,This is not always the case.It isn’t just one scenario.I was trying to point out human natureDefense mechanisms.Lets face it we all have defense mechanisms,but we all react differently.I have been called a flirt many of times,I am guilty of that.Somebody brought up to me that we all like attention.Especially from the other sex.It was brought to my attention.I am kinda of leaning on what was said.Because they are right,that i have alot of attention from girls and i like it and maybe i do.I truly understand this from both points of view.Can either party live with it.Yes they can,it takes alot of understanding though.I am trying to say this so it doesnt point out any one person.Its also not the first time i heard it.So there are a couple of girls opinions inolved.The reason i can handle it,because  i sit back and watch how the girl i am with, has a good time,relaxes.doesnt worry about what i think or if i will jump on her for talking to somebody.There must be boundries and rules because it also can be dangerous.Remember men;If you don’t want her to get upset about you talking to girls.let her have her fun too.In the end ,you both know, who you are going home with. I want to add something to this,one of the rules that is so important.When your mate is socializing, either mate.That when they come up to you to interupt,somethings are of importance,urgency,children at home or for whatever the reason, the mate has your undivided attention.Say what you are going to say,and softly say it in there ear(as to not to embarrass them),and walk away.Also don”t lose respect of each other by going and trying to get the other one jealous because you have the respect or right from your mate to let you socialize.I am sure everyone is going to like this segment.I have new topics to discuss.To Chris(db).Plutonic relationships topics,have not been wriiten yet.because its so much for me to write ,i have to rough draft it.I get new  information on it everyday.So Chris,its coming.I have some new topics to discuss.One is,Male dominance(ok,get your minds out of the gutter).I’m  not talking  about that kind of dominance!I am talking what has  happened to men,what major part this plays in there life.I have my own views,but i would appreciate all comments.Another topic is for men and women;What friends use you for?( won’t you all love this one).  Number two topic,”Rudeness in relationships”.Don’t get me started on am taking orders  for T-shirts.So if you want one,notify me.Thank you God for hearing all my prayers ,delivering them and believeing in me .To all my Fans,I love you all.Brett Halstead

Thought for the day.August 8,2012

Good Morning,its a beautiful day.My head is finally getting clearer.I have some advice for men and women.If a husband ,wife,girlfriend,boyfriend etc.Accuses you of cheating,they are probably the ones cheating.Most relationships when i hear you did this or you did that,is usually coming from the accuser.It is a way for them to hide there guilt.Lets face it ,if it smells like crap,taste like crap,stinks like crap,Its probably crap.I gave this advice to somebody along time ago.They are on this site.I will not disclose who it was.They know who they are.It was exactly that.My first ex that i had a child with had boyfriend.My kid and his mother has a suspician that he was cheating.He being dumb,did not remember me,even though,i had been at every family function and then some.My ex and i are friends.I sat across the table 2 ft away from him watching the whole thing.I called my ex and told her where he was at.What the girl looked like and even got pictures.The dumb thing about it ,shes still with him.My theory is this ,you want to be a millionare ,hang with the millionares.You want to be a degenerate lowlife,Hang with the lowlifes.Id rather hang with the millionares,lol.An old can take the girl out of the trailer park,but you can’t take the trailer park out of the if theirs girls reading this that think they are,  high caliber.have class and are a genuinely morally good person.I would like to talk to you.And girls that are already on this site don’t pose as somebody else,they already have class thats why they are on this agenda for the day,get this party started.Time to have the banner made and T-shirts.Yes thats right ,I said lady”s t shirts.If any girls want them ,please tell me the size.I also will be looking for whatagrlwants girls to host parties.So if you think your good looking ,got a great personality.Post a comment,Remember to like this page,we need all the likes we can get!Hey Candy girl ,you are a cougar,and older than me ,so touche’.Thank you, Brett Halstead