Thought for the day.August 7,2012.

Good Morning,I am a little slow today.Thankfully i have a hand full of girls kicking my ass this morning.I would like to apologize to Sondra.In honorable mention, i for got to mention her.She supported me in so many ways and has been the sister i never had since we were 6 yrs old.So i just wante d to say Thanks and that “I love you”.Now official business.I am currently working on a party for august 25 ,2012.Its an official what a girl wants party.I am trying  to pull it together.Its a celebration party of me opening of the site.I will probaby have free beer.Please bring a dish to pass and what ever you will like to eat.We usually do this in the past and we have more than enough food to pass.I would like to have a band,but everybody is pretty much booked.So if anybody has any suggestions,please let me know.I would like to thank Chris for kicking me in gear this morning.I have a special message for players today.You will grow old  and die alone.I don’t have  any room for the them for both men and women.I know who you are,i was one once myself.You are always chasing the theory of the Grass is always greener on the other side.This is not true.If you found somebody that was worth having,cherish  it.I was taught in church recently that if you are not in relationship ,to do Gods work.I feel i am doing  Gods work here and many other places.I just wanted to say that players are insecure people who don’t believe in themselves.God has a plan ,he just hasn’t told us yet. I have to sharpen up my writing skills.As far you women go, men can remember everything you say,We just turn on selective hearing.Thank God That he installed that in us,or we would all be alot more pissed off.I am speaking to Cindys as i am writing this ,and i am so looking forward towards smart ass comments.Bring it Girl,lol.I appreciate all comments and enjoy the feedback.Please anybody that is interested in this site ,hit the like button and promote this site.Please tell all your friends.Remember that you can say anything on this site.don’t be afraid to voice an opinion.Thank you, Brett Halstead

Sunday.August 5,2012

Good morning to all.Also a good morning to all that survived the 30 th reunion of  Trempers class  of 1982.It was great time, alot of laughs.and great friends.We all have came along way.I apololgize for not posting the last couple of days.The class of 1982 Rocks and you people know how to party.I would Thank Rich Preston and Cathy  for having us all at his after party and always a gracious host.There are too many people to list as to who made it a great time.You all know who you are!I would also like to thank all the people that have showed there support for this site,who have encouraged me and stood by me.I would personally like to thank,Nanette,Holly,Chris(dB),Cindy (W),Kristine,Eric, anybody who gave input to build this site and last but not least Sandee,for had it not been for her,i may never had this idea or vision.I would to thank the class of 1982,I  love all of you.Please look for the upcoming post to the topic of Men and women in plutonic relationships.This going to be a good one.It will be in reply to Chris’s request.So please look for it in the next couple of days.Go back to nursing your hangovers.Thank you,Brett Halstead.

Thought for the day!

Good morning,Happy Thursday!Strive for what you do best.Have the courage to pursue what you want.Courage comes from faith.Discouragement comes from fear and disbelief.Don’t let anybody discourage you.Discouragement is simply negative.So like the army commercial.”Be all you can be”.Have the courage and the faith in God that”you got this”Have a great day!Thank you Brett Halstead

Monday.July 30 ,2012,Thought for the day.

Good Morning,Welcome to another monday.Its a beautiful day.I wish all my friends ,family and fans a great day.The prayer for today is about “deligence”We are taught to be deligent in our belief in God.That doesn’t mean going to church once a week is going to cut it.You have to practice it all week.My thoughts for my friends is this.Be deligent in everything you do,nothing comes easy.Anything worth having ,you have to work for.This goes the same for relationships,careers and anything you do.Yes, we get fustrated,distracted and sometimes to busy and we take for granted all that we have achieved.Thanks to you all that have supported me through this site.I am truly blessed,Have a great day,Brett halstead