Platonic relationships!Dedicated to Chris demario Boyce


People have the impression that men and women can’t have Platonic relationships.A friend asked me to write my views on the subject.Most of the time they don’t work.I can’t say most of the time because almost every girl i know i have a Platonic relationship with.They either goe one of two ways.Either you become friends and can’t break out of the friends zone or they start out innocent and become a love interest.A very close friend of mine i have known since i was six years old.we both love each other immensely.we are best friends.We have been friends for forty years,neither one of us wants to take the chance on us having a relationship.We  both are afraid that if it didn’t work out,it would ruin our  forty year relationship.Neither one of us want to take that chance.We both are in mutual agreement and in the same decision.most of the time platonic relationships do turn into more.they can be dangerous if one of te party’s is married.

It may start out innocent and then become a love interest.Another thing that sometimes happens,it sometimes ;It starts out as Platonic,yet one wants it become a love interest.Depending on the character of somebody,they may act that it is Platonic and have an ulterior motive.then when thay don’t get their way,they break off the Platonic relationship.not all,but most males will act as if its Platonic only to try to get there way.Just like any relationship their has to be the development of trust.Trust is obviously developed over time.Males and females usually can’t carry on the act very long if their intentions are otherwise.One issue i have seen over time, is a guy tell a women or a girl bad things about that person she is dating or married to in order to gain that women’s trust so he can have her for himself.I have seen this happen time and time again.It really upsets me when i see it happen.For example i have been on both sides of that situation.I explained that it wasn’t my intentions by telling her,just to get in her pants ,nor would i degrade the guys.I simply told what i knew and told her to derive her own decision.I also explained,that i will not,nor would i simply to destroy him to make myself look good.

In this particular situation,the girl already knew what her boyfriend was doing.I simply verified what i saw and it reinforced her decision.Platonic relationships in general are great if they work.i have several of them.The reason I do,is because i am a gentlemen and i respect women.Some of my best friends are women.So if the feeling is mutual and their is a high level of trust,they can be great.I hope this helps answer any questions or concerns many of you would have.Thank you,i love and adore you all

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