Women are selfish creatures!

Why dating doesn’t work out anymore!The majority,not all,women are selfish.Most women think that you should chase them,You text them and don’t hear from them for a day.Because they got better things to do.Heaven forbid if they text you and you don’t contact them back.Tgese women these days don’t want a boyfriend or one man that’s great.They want five.If they can’t get what they want out of one,they can get from the others.This is why you see girls post selfies over and over again.Because they don’t want the attention of one man.They want the attention from ten.They don’t want to work,they want to sleep all day,not work and have you cater to them.How many times do you get into an argument with them and they play the”I was sick”routine.They want you to feel sorry for them.They play the guilt trip.This to make a man feel that you just don’t care about them.This usually works for them.Well just like anything else,men need attention too.They will get tired of trying.Tgey will get tired of waiting and they will eventually stop wasting their time.This is why men only want sex.Its a waste of time for any other reason.Why is dating a woman a full time job!Lol.If it’s going to be a job,we might as well get paid for it.

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